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Lance's Journal: Birds Eye View of the Sea of Red

Reporter: Lance Schwartz

This video article about Doug Prange appeared on Lance's Journal, KOLN 1011Now, November 9, 2009.

More than 85,000 people witnessed Nebraska's exciting win over Oklahoma this weekend at Memorial Stadium. But only a handful saw it from an aerial perspective. One of those people is a photographer who is also the focus of this edition of Lance's Journal.

Flying has always been Doug Prange's first love. The 60-year-old became a pilot back in 1973. But in 1993 he took some aerial shots of his acreage in southeast Lincoln, they turned out well and like peanut butter and jelly, it was a winning combination. Flying and picture taking came together to form a uniquely picture perfect career.

Regardless of what's on his shooting schedule, Doug always loves pulling his 1974 Cessna out of the hangar. But for this Lincoln High graduate, there's something extra special about Husker home games.

Doug says that no matter how many chances he gets to fly above Memorial Stadium on game day he never gets tired of it. There's just nothing like flying 1,500 feet above the sea of red. Doug says, "It's an exciting experience and it's something I never get tired of and it never gets boring. I'm always pumped up for it, looking forward to it, never take it for granted."

Doug shot his first stadium poster in the fall of 2003 and he's gone on to create many more memorable photos since then. He's always looking forward to that one great shot, "Over the course of the years I've taken thousands of shots and you know when you get that good one like the Stealth flying over the stadium or the F-15's or F-16's flying over it's real rewarding."

Especially when you take into consideration how hard it is to capture an aircraft below you at speeds approaching 200 miles an hour or more, "I've got about a two or three second window to be just in the right spot."

In addition to Doug's exciting game day pictures, Prange Photography also offers a broad range of aerial photography services that include a unique perspective of farms, special events, construction progress and accident scenes.

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