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Saturday, September 15, 2012 - Lincoln, Nebraska - Fans pour into Memorial Stadium as The University of Nebraska Marching Band plays the National Anthem. Overhead, a United States Air Force Boeing B-52H Stratofortress from the 23rd Bomb Squadron, Minot, North Dakota makes a thundering low altitude pass. The Crew: Captain Joseph “Zorro” Manglitz (Pilot) Lincoln, NE (UNL Alum) - Captain Stephen “Jekyll” Bailey (Pilot), Frazer, PA, Major Dave “Shrap” Golden (Navigator) Covington, LA - Captain Michael “Deuce” Pyle (Radar Navigator) Adams, NE (UNL Alum), Major Ritchie “Ruffles” Ruliffson (EWO) Lincoln, NE (UNL Alum) - Captain Justin “Fozzy” Glaesemann (EWO) Lincoln, NE (UNL Alum), Lt Col Jane Holtzclaw (Flight Surgeon) Lincoln, NE (UNL Alum)

The Nebraska Cornhuskers hosted the Arkansas State Red Wolves in front of 85,290 fans and was victorious with a final score of 42-13.

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