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Official Huskers Team Photographs 1949-2003
Vintage Black and White

Prange Aerial Photography: Print The N Crowd

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From 1949-2003, renowned Lincoln photographer Dick Blomgren took unique, panoramic team photos of the Nebraska Cornhusker football team. These timeless black and white photos were taken wherever the team was practicing and includes all coaches and players from each team. Each name was painstakingly hand written on the negatives, assuring each individual's place in Nebraska football history. PRANGE Photography is proud to offer these historic photos in partnership with Awards Unlimited and the Dick Blomgren family. The prints remain true to the hand crafted methods that made the originals, and each one is unique. We join with all Nebraska Football fans as we marvel at the pride and dedication shown in the ageless faces of the thousands of football players and coaches over the last half century. These players and coaches represent the passion that has fueled the loyal following of fans around the world, and have made Nebraska football much more than a game. You can now own a piece of that football tradition! It's easy: 1. Simply pick any year from 1949-2003, 2. Pick a frame style or unframed print, 3. Order today! These distinctive panoramic pictures look great in any room, and make the perfect gift for any Nebraska fan, previous player or coach.

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